Self-Storage Unit - When Do You Need One?

Self-Storage Unit - When Do You Need One?

Everyone will at one point need a self-storage unit. But when do you know when is the right time to rent one? If your home is starting to get too full with “junk”, and you are tempted to get rid of it all, it’s time to consider other options. Of course, you never know when you might need that “junk” again, but to avoid turning your home into storage, do what many people do, get a self-storage unit. 

Keep reading to find out what other times you may need to use a self-storage unit.

Keeping Things That Matter to You

We all have objects that have sentimental value to us, be it boxes of letters or larger items like a desk or table. Whatever they might be, our homes, unfortunately, don’t always have enough storage space to keep it all. Using a self-storage unit allows you to keep those precious belongings somewhere safe and secure and still give you access to them. At Redi Storage, you have convenient 24-hour access to all your belongings. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about this benefit.

Keeping Your Home Clutter-Free

Trying to find something in a massive random pile of stuff has often wasted a lot of your time. Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere to keep all your items organized? This is especially true if you are storing larger items like a mattress or dresser that one of your kids will use when they soon move out. Using a self-storage unit means you free up space in your home, and they can get it anytime they want.

Storing Holiday Decorations

Everyone has holiday decorations. And it doesn’t matter how much you have, they take up space. Holiday decorations only serve their purpose when for a few weeks in the year, so it makes sense to store them away for the next season. If you are running out of space in your home, a self-storage unit would be the right solution. This means you don’t have to sacrifice garage or basement space with extra clutter. And you will always know exactly where your Christmas lights are.

Keep Seasonal Tools and Equipment

You are probably not going to use your lawnmower in the winter or your snow blower in the summer. These types of items can take up a lot of space in the garage and make the garage look unsightly. Taking them to a storage unit ensures you will always have the space you need in the garage for things like… your car. And when you are storing the seasonal equipment, you can also take the seasonal clothing and sporting goods too.

Perfect for Moving Homes or Going on Vacations

When moving from one home to another, it is sometimes hard to match up exact dates to move all of your belongings from one home to the next. A self-storage unit allows you to store all of your stuff for a short or extended period of time. And if you are taking an extended vacation, it is wise to store more valuable items somewhere safer than your home.

A Haven for Hoarders

We are all guilty of keeping things that we don’t really need, but some people take it to a whole different level. These people hate to throw anything away, thinking that they might need it one day. For these hard-core “collectors”, a self-storage unit is a great solution to clearing up their homes of all that clutter. The good thing is, you are not getting rid of it, you are only storing it temporarily. 

Hobby, Lifestyle, and Sporting Equipment

Using a climate-controlled self-storage unit, as you will find at Redi Storage, is perfect for hobby items like musical instruments and painting supplies. Moreover, climate-controlled units can also be used to protect seasonal sporting equipment like golf clubs, hockey and football gear, or bikes from harmful moisture. If your lifestyle allows, you can even store boats, motorcycles, and cars in larger units. 

If you have been pondering how or why you need to make more space, you now have some great reasons why using a self-storage unit can make your life easier and cleaner. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and you will save yourself countless hours constantly reorganizing your stuff. You just need to store the things you don’t use on a daily basis. It will probably shock you to see how much space you will free up.

You might free up so much space in your basement you could make a second family room, maybe a man (or woman) cave, or even build some extra bedrooms. And if you’ve never thought of using a self-storage unit before, now you know how easy it can be. If you need help with sizes or any advice, the staff at Redi Storage will answer all your questions.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some moving boxes, pack up your stuff, and take it to your new self-storage unit. It won’t just give more space in your home, it will also give you peace of mind.