Moving Supplies

Everything You Need in One Place

All of our facilities are stocked with moving supplies for an easy one stop shop.


2 Key Lock
3 Key Lock
2 Pack Locks

Boxes + Tape

Small Box (16 5/8 x12 1/2 x12 1/2) 1.5
Medium Box (18 1/8 x1 8x 16) 3.0
Large Box (24 x 18 x18) 4.5
Extra Large Box (22 x 22 x 21 1/2)
Mirror Box ( 37 x 4 x 61)​
Lamp Box  (12x 12 x 40)
Wardrobe Box & Bar
Letter/ Legal Box
Electronic Box ( 20 x 20 x 12)
Paper Tape
Poly Tape
Tape Dispenser with Poly Tape

Packing Supplies

Dish Packing Kit (fits small box)
Glass Packing Kit (fits small box)
Packing Peanuts (1 Cubic Feet)
Moving Blanket (72in. x 80in)
Foam Wrap Roll (12 in. x 75ft)
Cushion Foam (12 in. x 75ft)
Large Bubble Wrap (12 in. x 30ft)
Small Bubble Wrap (12 in. x 15ft)
Packing Paper
Twin Mattress Bag (2/Package)
Full Mattress Ba
Queen Mattress Bag
King Mattress Bag
Chair Cover (2/Package)
Sofa Cover
Dust Cover (10 x 20)​
Damp Rid
Damp Rd Re-fill
Bag “Dri It”
Permanent Marker (Twin Pack)
Utility Knife