Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign for your unit, at most locations, a lock is not provided. However, we provide two different types of locks for you to choose from that you can purchase at any of our facilities.

No. When you sign for a unit you will also be signing a release form that holds you completely responsible for the well being of your belongings. However, we do offer an insurance brochure at every office. Also, keep in mind that some Home Owners/Renter’s insurance will cover your unit as well. Whatever form of insurance you choose is up to you. But remember, insurance is always good to have!

We do not offer any moving services only moving supplies.

Each facility is fenced in allowing access through a PTI gate system. At each facility, security cameras are recording Monday-Sunday, 24 hours a day.

*Note security cameras do not cover the entire facility*

Rent is due on the 1st of every month. Contact the location you are interested in for current specials.

Yes. The amount of your security deposit depends on the size of your unit. Please refer to the location you are looking for to find the rates for that particular facility.

You will receive your deposit (assuming all the vacating requirements have been fulfilled) two weeks after you have vacated.

Give written notice 10 days before the end of the month you are vacating.

  • Remove all your items from the unit

  • Sweep out the unit

  • Remove your lock from the unit

  • Inform an employee that you have vacated

  • How long can I reserve a unit for?

We will hold a unit for 3 business days. There is no cost for this, we just simply need your name and phone number.

Our online booking service works as if you are reserving a unit. You pick the date you wish to move in but please remember the unit is not yours until you come into the office, sign the contract and pay a deposit. The furthest you can book in advance is 3 days.

All of our locations accept Master Card/VISA/Discover.

All of our locations accept Master Card/VISA/Discover.

You will receive your invoice a month prior to when you owe. For example: If you owe in October you will receive the October invoice in September. Pay at your convenience but always before the 10th of each month to avoid late fees.

All of our locations accept Master Card/VISA/Discover.

You can choose to mail in a check every month or drop it off at the facility. We accept cash payments. You can sign up to have a credit/debit card automatically charged on the first of the month through our secured Syrasoft software. If the first does not work for you, you can select a date between the second and the tenth of the month to be automatically charged to avoid late fees.

Yes. We have a 5-day grace period for late payments. After the fifth day, a late fee of $20 will be charged, your gate access will be denied and your unit will be double locked until the payment requirements are met.

There are 3 options: Fax, Email, and Mail (added fee).

No. The dumpster is for office use only

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