Do I need a climate-controlled storage unit?

Do I need a climate-controlled storage unit?

To answer this question “Do I need a climate a climate-controlled storage unit?” – you need to first ask yourself some other questions! How long do you want to store the items? What do you want to store? Is it irreplaceable or valuable? Will you be storing the items during humid weather conditions?

Answering these questions will help you decide if you need a climate-controlled storage unit or whether a standard storage unit will be okay.

1. Do you need storage?

You might have a basement available for storage or a garage, but is it really suitable? The basement may be damp, suffer from poor ventilation or let in damaging sunlight. Storing in your garage may seem like a good choice, but things all too often get damaged. And is your garage or basement free from animals and insects that may damage your items?

For a few days or weeks, it could be fine, but probably not long-term. Depending on what you are storing, you then need to decide if the extra cost of climate-controlled storage is justified.

2. Long or short term storage?

Perhaps you only need temporary storage, say for a few weeks, where climate-controlled storage probably wouldn’t be necessary. Here standard storage may be sufficient, and if you decide to leave the items in storage for a longer period, you can upgrade to climate control.

If you intend to put something in storage for an extended period of more than a month or two, then not opting for climate control may be an expensive mistake. It would be pointless paying for storage for many months, only to find your items have been damaged by damp or heat.

3. What are you storing?

If you are storing furniture, for example, the fabrics may be susceptible to damage by damp humid conditions. Maybe you have some antiques or family heirlooms that you currently don’t have space for, but don’t want to sell. Maybe some wooden antiques? Wooden furniture can dry out in very hot temperatures or rot if the atmosphere is very humid.

Furniture that is upholstered or contains soft materials would be heaven for small animals looking for a warm winter home! It’s important that your chosen storage is protected against this, and climate-controlled storage is sealed to control precisely the atmospheric conditions. Standard storage may also be well sealed, but that presents problems of damp and humidity. If there is ventilation to prevent this, then it’s a potential entry point for animals.

As an example, these are some of the items that will need climate-controlled storage;

  • works of art
  • antiques
  • books
  • documents
  • musical instruments, such as pianos, violins, guitars
  • furniture, particularly when upholstered
  • wine

There are many other items that would benefit from storage with climate control, and it is recommended that you ask the advice of your storage company.

4. Can you replace the items?

Storing family items because you don’t have space or perhaps you are moving are two common storage reasons. If you are considering storage without climate control, are the items irreplaceable? Antique furniture that has been in the family for hundreds of years is fine in your house but may deteriorate quickly in storage units without climate control. If you have items that cannot be replaced, then it’s probably best to invest a little more money on climate-controlled storage for peace of mind.

5. In What Season Are you Storing Your Items?

Storing items in the depths of winter in cold temperatures can cause wooden joints to dry out. In the summer, humidity can rocket and provide a nice breeding ground for mold. Storage during spring and fall may be okay for short periods, but the weather can be unpredictable, so anything over a few weeks and you should consider climate control in your storage units.

Final Thoughts on Climate Controlled Units

Ultimately, it’s your choice whether your items are important or valuable enough to spend the extra on climate-controlled storage. Hopefully, the above has helped you to decide, but for anything of personal value or that you simply could not replace, then it’s got to be worth the cost.

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