Self-Storage in North Randall

Self-Storage in North Randall

There are times in life when we all need some extra space. Storage space, that is. Redi Storage in North Randall has a variety of storage units that can give you the storage space you need. So now you just need to figure out what it is you need to keep in your self-storage in North Randall.

Living in North Randall or anywhere in Ohio, you can certainly understand the need for seasonal storage. You want to make sure your valuables are safely stored away from the harsh elements of the extreme climate changes in Ohio. So how do you make sure you have enough storage space and that it is safe? Redi Storage has the answer to all your questions.

What Do You Need Self-Storage For?

There are many reasons someone might need a storage unit, from keeping boxes of seasonal clothing and decorations to a small boat and trailer. Or maybe you need some temporary storage because you are moving houses. Using a storage unit for your business or home can be vital for keeping files and other valuables to free up space in your office or home. 

Whatever your reason, it’s good to know that Redi Storage in North Randall has a great variety of self-storage sizes that will fit your needs.

What Size of Self-Storage is the Right One for You?

The number and size of valuables you want to store will determine the size of the storage unit you will need. You may only need a smaller size to start. But you also may be storing more later, so you need to consider if you should get a larger storage unit from the start.

As you can see, there are a few factors to consider when picking the right size self-storage unit in North Randall. So take your time, and maybe sit down and write out a list of what you need to store and what you may need to store later. Avoid the hassle of having to move items back and forth if the self-storage unit you initially rented turns out to be too small.

5’ X 5’ Self-Storage – Household Items for a Small Room

The smallest unit available, this size storage unit is perfect for boxes, suitcases, small household items, small desks, or bookcases. A narrow space means making sure your items are well organized.

5′ X 10′ and 5’ X 15’ Self-Storage – Household Items for One Room

Double the square footage, and you can get pretty much the same items as above, just twice as many. Being a narrow but longer unit, you could get a mattress in this one.

Still only five feet wide, but being fifteen feet long, you could easily fit a mattress set or/and a sofa in this unit. However, you have to show superb organizational skills to store all that and still get access to the back of the unit.

10′ x 10′  Self-Storage – Household Items for Three Rooms

The most popular size and double the width, allow for storage of more oversized items like dining tables and bookcases. You can pack an entire small studio home and store it in this self-storage unit.

10′ X 15′ Self-Storage – Household Items for Four Rooms

If you need to store large kitchen appliances, bedroom sets, or couches this size storage unit can accommodate them. 

10′ X 20′, 25′, 30′, 35’, or 40’ Self-Storage – Household Items for 5 to 6 Rooms

Getting into the larger storage units, you can pretty much store the entire contents of a larger house. You can even store a small boat, vehicle, or trailer in the outdoor units. 

What Will Self-Storage in North Randall Cost?

Figuring out the cost of a storage unit is not as straightforward as it might seem. You can’t just look at the price of the actual unit. You have to take into consideration the value of what you are storing as well as the amenities of the self-storage. For affordable self-storage in North Randall Ohio, read here.

With Redi Storage in North Randall, you have a choice of standard or climate-controlled self-storage. The premises are secured with personal electronic keyed gates and video surveillance. Redi Storage also offers a variety of payment methods, and if you need packing and moving supplies, they got you covered there too. 

You should also consider the state of the facility. Is it clean and dry? Is there moisture in the air or mildew in the corners? Failing to take factors like these into consideration might get you a cheap storage unit but will cost you more in the long run.

As you can see, Redi Storage in North Randall not only has a great selection of self-storage unit sizes but also excellent amenities and conditions to keep your valuable items, intact, safe, and secure.

If you are still unsure of what size storage unit is right for your needs, check out the Redi Storage website. Or you can talk to one of our helpful customer service agents for more information about self-storage units in North Randall.