Affordable Self-Storage North Randall, Ohio

Affordable Self-Storage North Randall, Ohio

Why do people need self-storage in the first place? There are a whole bunch of reasons people might need a self-storage unit, especially in northeast Ohio. Not only do we have winter weather in Ohio, but some winters can also be brutal when the Lake Effect Snow Machine really gets going. 

Top 10 Reasons You Might Need Self-Storage

In northeast Ohio, seasonal storage is a given as we experience all four seasons worth of weather around these parts. What are some of the other reasons you might wish to consider procuring affordable self-storage in North Randall, Ohio?

  • Business Storage (supplies, archives, equipment, and inventory)
  • Long Military Deployments/Other Extended Work Abroad
  • Extended Travel 
  • Home Renovation
  • New Home Construction
  • Home/Office Move
  • Relationship Status Change
  • Downsizing Home/Office
  • Decluttering Home/Office
  • No Extra Storage Space at Home/Office

Why Choose Self-Storage in North Randall, Ohio?

When looking for affordable self-storage on Cleveland’s east side, regardless of whether you are looking to store home or office items, North Randall is the place to go. Why? There are a couple of important reasons. The first reason you should seriously consider North Randall, Ohio when looking for affordable self-storage is location, location, location! North Randall is perfectly situated near several business and commercial corridors with easy access to and from state routes and interstate highways. Don’t believe us? Amazon liked the North Randall, Ohio location so much it built a brand new distribution center there in 2018. 

The second reason you should seriously consider North Randall, Ohio when looking for affordable self-storage is that the price per square foot. When leasing real estate, whether it be office, retail, or industrial, the rent is calculated based on a per-square-foot price times the total square footage of the space being leased. Self-storage is no exception. If residential and business rent is high in a particular area, chances are that self-storage prices will be too. Sometimes, cities are so densely populated or perhaps there are zoning laws that prohibit the development of self-storage facilities. North Randall is just a hop, skip and a jump south of Shaker Heights, Beachwood, Highland Hills and other densely populated residential districts.

Choosing Self-Storage in North Randall, Ohio

Anyone with internet access can search for affordable storage. The problem is, the information included on each website varies considerably and can actually be misleading at times. Self-storage facilities offer three types of storage units: non-climate-controlled, temperature-controlled (typically only offering heat when the temperature gets below a certain setting), and climate-controlled (temperature AND moisture control). Some self-storage facilities market their temperature-only controlled units as “climate controlled.” When comparing pricing, we recommend that you make sure climate controlled units are also managing the moisture in the unit. When searching for affordable storage in North Randall, Ohio (or anywhere for that matter), ensuring that you are comparing apples to apples is key.

Redi-Storage – The Best Self-Storage Solution in North Randall, Ohio

Redi-Storage in North Randall offers a variety of affordable, safe, and secure self-storage options to meet all your storage needs. Redi-Storage is a family-owned business established in 1986, and it is still run by family to this day! We know how important your belongings are, which is why we make sure each of our facilities is equipped with surveillance cameras, wired fencing around the entire facility, and a computerized coded gate system. 

While there are a couple of competitors in the North Randall, Ohio area, Redi-Storage is the most affordable. When you compare our pricing to U-Haul’s and CubeSmart’s for the same sized unit, you will find that Redi-Storage pricing is less. In fact, our rental rates are about $25-$35 less than U-Haul and CubeSmart, depending on the size and category of the self-storage unit. When factoring this amount in over the period of a seasonal rental for a self-storage unit (which can be between 4-5 months in northeast Ohio), that’s almost another $200 you’ll be paying over the course of the rental period. 

Simply put, Redi-Storage is the best bang for your buck when it comes to self-storage! We can’t wait to welcome you to our family…secure your self-storage unit in North Randall, Ohio today!