Finding Temporary Storage Options That Work for You

Finding Temporary Storage Options That Work for You

Why are we so excited about temporary storage? It’s because temporary storage is the solution to so many storage problems, especially in Northeast Ohio. We love to solve problems, so let’s take a look at a few situations that might result in the need for temporary storage. 

Temporary Storage for Seasonal Items

Unless you have a full basement with a lot of unfinished/unused space, garage that you don’t plan to park your vehicles in, or large accessory building on your property, it may be difficult to find room for all the pool and patio furniture you have outside for 7 months out of the year. Other seasonal items that you may need to find temporary storage for include cars, watercraft, pool equipment/supplies, motorcycles, golf carts, trailers, RVs/Campers, and grills. Restaurants and bars with outside dining, especially those leasing space in shopping centers and on Main Street in quaint little villages, have to store all their outside furniture and large patio heaters somewhere for the winter. Regardless of what the manufacturer says about the durability of patio furniture being exposed to the elements, if you want that outdoor furniture to last a few years, you’ll need to keep it out of the harshest elements. Temporary storage at a self-storage facility is the best value per square foot too! 

Temporary Storage Solves Moving Problems

Many people can perfectly time a move so that one house is being packed up and moved directly to another house, unpacked and put away. However, there are times when this just is not possible. The real estate market is a tricky thing, especially when it’s booming. Everyone knows when building a home that everything goes just swimmingly and there is never, ever any problem with construction timelines, right? Sometimes, a person must vacate their house before they are able to move into their new house. Should you find yourself in a situation like this, pretty much homeless at this juncture, family and friends will open their home to you. However, you won’t be able to take a house full of stuff with you to Grandma’s. Let’s say you are downsizing from a large home to an apartment, you just got the perfect offer on your house; but the buyer wants to take possession in 30 days. More time is needed for you and your children to go through the things that will not fit in your new apartment. Temporary storage at a self-storage facility is the best solution for these moving problems!

Temporary Storage for Home Remodeling

Painting doesn’t meet the test for remodeling unless you are painting the interior of the entire house at one time. In most cases, while a complete pain, you can move furniture out of a room and temporarily stash it in another room for a few days while the painting is going on. Once the paint is dry, everything goes back in and you’re back in business. Most people don’t paint the interior of their house that way, but what about refinishing hardwood flooring? What if you are completely gutting a room down to the studs and adding a half bath? This is a MUCH longer and full-blown construction project. Regardless of whether or not you are going the DIY route or hiring it done, the room might be out of commission for some time. Do you have enough room elsewhere in your home to store everything removed from the room for the duration of the construction project? Temporary storage at a self-storage facility is an effective solution to this little dilemma.

Procuring temporary storage at a self-storage facility is easy, and you can  make monthly payments. All of your items are stored in a secure storage unit that you have access to 24/7. Temporary storage at a self-storage facility is a cost-effective, convenient little slice of heaven which solves for many storage problems!