Small Business Storage

Small Business Storage

There are many reasons you may need small business storage solutions. Maybe you have a one-off large order to complete or need to archive files and documents? 

Using business storage solutions instead of renting more office space gives you several advantages. It is more flexible, probably more cost-effective, and comes with additional security.

Why Small Business Storage?

Business storage requirements vary depending on the type of business you run. An online-only consultancy business needs very little storage, but an online retailer may need more, and a traditional retail shop generally needs plenty of storage space. 

Trades such as plumbers and builders may need to store materials and tools, while professional services will need archiving files and data space. Every business has different storage requirements.

When you start your business, your storage requirements are most likely small. As you grow and expand, a lack of business storage may restrict your growth, or at the very least, make your working environment cluttered and uncomfortable.

Expanding your current location may not be practical or desirable. If you need more space, then business self-storage could be the perfect solution.

Benefits of Small business Storage

Growing a business is a gradual, measured process, and more storage is often one of the first requirements. But moving the business or expanding the current location is not always possible. This is where business storage at a self-storage unit can help.

  • Quick and easy business storage. Using a self-storage unit to expand your business storage is a quick and easy solution to create more space. The storage area will probably be available the same day, and you only need to move your items in.
  • Quickly expand or reduce as required. If you have a large order to fulfill, you can rapidly grow your business storage and then cut it again when the order is completed.
  • Storage of excess stock. A nightmare for any business is not having enough of a product that sells well. Running out of stock means reduced profit. Being able to order in bulk and store it conveniently will increase your bottom line.
  • Security. Business storage at self-storage units offers guaranteed security. The level of protection will vary from one company to another, but you can expect CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and a security patrol on the larger sites.
  • Storing seasonal items. If your business offers unique products during seasonal periods such as Christmas, you don’t want them cluttering the office all year. 
  • Archiving. Over the years, every company produces documents, invoices, and receipts that are not in everyday use. Archiving these items in business storage frees up space in your office.
  • Climate controlled business storage. If you are storing delicate items that can be damaged by humidity or temperature changes, climate-controlled storage is ideal. 
  • Cost. A business storage unit will be far cheaper than renting more office space. 

Downsides of Small Business Storage

While business storage makes sense for a lot of companies, there are some minor downsides to consider. In most situations, the advantages will easily outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Distance. The self-storage may not be close to your office. In most cases, this isn’t a problem as you generally use business storage for items you need infrequently.
  • Access. Not all business storage units will offer 24/7 access. Choose the storage company carefully, if that is a requirement.


When the time comes to expand your business storage facilities, there are a couple of options. Rent more warehouse and office space or opt for a business storage solution.

For a small business wanting to grow with small overheads, the business storage route is the most favorable. It’s low priced, flexible, and secure. It also makes sense for a large business that has a temporary business storage requirement.


What types of business storage are available?

Business storage is split between standard and climate-controlled storage. Standard storage will be cheaper, but climate control may be essential, depending on what you are storing.

Is climate-controlled business storage expensive?

Climate-controlled business storage need not be expensive. Certain items need climate control, such as antiques, important documents, or fabric furniture. Assess your needs and only take as much climate-controlled storage as you require and put other items in standard storage. Also, you should balance this against the cost of the items being damaged.

Factors to consider when looking for business storage

There is plenty to consider when looking for business storage, from cost to location, ease of access, and security. You also must assess your requirements for standard or climate-controlled storage.