How to Pack a Moving Truck

How to Pack a Moving Truck

Moving home is one of the most stressful things in life. Fact! When it comes to moving day, correctly packing your moving truck is one of the most critical steps. Whether you are traveling just a couple of miles or moving to a different state, it is vital to load your moving truck correctly. It will lower stress when you arrive at your destination.

So what are the key points to successfully pack your moving truck?

We’ve all heard the phrase, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. It’s very accurate when it applies when loading a moving truck. Obvious things like booking the right size truck on the right day, but have you got enough boxes, tape and packing materials. Have you got a furniture dolly for moving heavy items, and what about mattress bags? Is someone coming to help you? Do you have plenty of rope and straps for securing your furniture in the truck? If you are driving yourself, have you planned the route? All these things can make or break your moving day.

It seems obvious, but many people underestimate the number of belongings they have and the space they will occupy in a moving truck. Your first step is to try and calculate the total size of your belongings. It’s not quick or easy, but taking time here will save you stress in the long run. There are some useful guides online that can help.

It’s is tempting to get large boxes, but don’t do it. First, once they are packed, they are awkward and heavy to move, and second, you end up filling them with a mixture of items, making itemizing the boxes difficult.

If at all possible, you need plenty of similar sizes, small to medium boxes, which makes stacking them much easier. You can also keep related items together and mark the boxes with the types of the object contained and which room they should go in. This step helps with unloading and unpacking.

Bulky furniture will quickly fill your moving truck. It can also be challenging to pack other items around furniture. Dismantle any furniture that can be, as this will make packing and carrying the pieces much more manageable.

Wrap any items, such as couches that cannot be dismantled in moving blankets and then plastic wrap. The blankets protect the items from damage, while the plastic wrap holds them in place and adds extra protection from dust and liquids.

A mattress can be a big, bulky item to move. Inside a mattress bag, it is protected, it can be dragged if too heavy to lift, and the bag will probably have handles to help with moving it around. It can also be used to fill packing spaces between furniture items to prevent damage.

Planning how to load your moving truck is essential. The basic principles are relatively apparent and straightforward. Keep heavy items low down and spread them evenly across the truck. Build a foundation out of heavy boxes and furniture items, putting lighter and awkward shaped pieces on the very top.

A poorly loaded moving truck can be challenging to drive as the weight will shift as you turn corners, and this can also make it dangerous. Spending a little time carefully loading your items will also prevent them from moving during the journey.

However well you plan, there is always awkward shaped stuff left at the end! Having moved regularly, we can 100% testify to this, even with the best planning. The best way to cope with this is to pack them on the top layer as you fill the moving truck. Try to fill all the space and have a selection of awkwardly shaped items ready to use.

We’ve already mentioned it once, but it is crucial. A poorly loaded truck can be hazardous. It’s not complicated; just remember to keep the heavy items low down and spread evenly.

As you load, make sure items are strapped to the side of the moving truck. Even the most substantial things can move while in transit. If you have to brake suddenly, not only can loose items be damaged, they can also damage the truck.

Moving is stressful, but planning and taking your time while loading the moving truck will definitely help. Ask friends and neighbors to help. Not only will they help move heavy items, but they can also help with loading correctly.

Last, enjoy your new home and relax!