How To Find Safe Self-Storage Facilities

How To Find Safe Self-Storage Facilities

Safe self-storage units are available all across Cleveland, whether you want basic containers, temperature-controlled or climate-controlled.

You’ll find two types of facilities, either outdoor or indoor storage, and the choice of which to use will depend on what you intend to store.

Safe Self-Storage: Outdoor Facility

This type of facility is similar to your garage. You can typically drive right up to the door, and they are perfect for storing large items, including vehicles. If you are storing items that are less likely to be damaged by temperature and humidity, this could be sufficient. You’ll also find they are often cheaper than indoor facilities.

Safe Self-Storage: Indoor Facility

Units at an indoor facility may cost around 20% more than an outdoor storage facility, but the benefits may justify the cost. Indoor facilities are more likely to offer temperature or humidity control, plus they offer better protection from dust and the weather. If you are storing items that may be damaged by extremes of temperature or humidity, then indoor storage units will suit you better.

Is your Self-Storage Safe?

Now you have an idea of the type of storage you would like, and you need to consider the storage facility security. Secure doors and locks are the obvious things to look for on the storage unit itself. But what else should you be looking for in safe storage?

Security Fencing

Is the facility surrounded by a good quality, and high fence? There should be a single entry and exit point that is locked at all times. Fencing is less critical when you are considering inside storage facilities, but is essential for outside units.

Security Lighting

Is there adequate lighting? Fencing is an excellent deterrent to thieves, but if it is not adequately lit at night, it’s vulnerable. 

Security Patrols

Are there regular security patrols of the facility? Just the presence of someone at the site will put off most but the determined thieves. Is there someone at the facility 24/7, or do they rely on CCTV during quiet hours? 

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Is there a CCTV system in place that covers the whole facility? Does the system work at night, or does it rely on adequate lighting? The thought of being caught on camera is another great deterrent for thieves.

Don’t Forget About Insurance

Excellent security is all well and good, but don’t skimp on the insurance. Check if your home insurance covers items in self-storage. There may be security requirements in the insurance policy, like those mentioned above. The self-storage company may offer insurance, or you can arrange it independently.

Is All That Security Over the Top?

Let’s be honest; most self-storage units are safe and will include some or all of the above security features. The level of security you need will depend on the value of the items you are storing. Your items may be worth a lot of money or have a high sentimental value, making them irreplaceable.

You can assess the security level as you approach the facility, checking for the items listed above. 

Once inside, chat with the manager and ask about the security. They should be able to explain the security measures in place easily and should offer to show them to you.

Don’t Forget the Basics

If you are storing valuable items, it might be tempting to go for the most secure facility you can find, but there are other things to consider.

Many items put into storage would benefit from temperature, humidity control, or both. If you are storing any of the items below, consider climate-controlled storage;

  • Fine art
  • Antiques
  • Antique furniture
  • Wooden items
  • Fabric furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Valuable documents
  • Vinyl records

The above list is not exhaustive, and taking the advice of the storage company is advised. Climate-controlled storage will cost a little more but may be essential for the safe storage of your belongings.

How Does Climate-Controlled Storage Protect Your Items?


Extremes of temperature, both high and low, can have devastating effects on the items listed above. Vinyl records will warp very quickly in high temperatures, and delicate string instruments such as violins can be irreparably damaged. A temperature-controlled environment will maintain the storage unit between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


A damp, humid environment encourages the growth of mold and fungus, which will quickly damage artworks and furniture. Humidity control in the storage unit will maintain a level of around 55% humidity, keeping your items free from mold and damage.

Safe Self-Storage in Cleveland

Armed with the information above, you should quickly find a safe self-storage unit in Cleveland for your belongings. Once satisfied it is safe, consider which type of storage facility you need, and you should have no problems storing your items.