How Much is a Storage Unit?

How Much is a Storage Unit?

How much should you be paying for a storage unit? That is usually the first question people ask themselves when they realize they require a storage unit. But before you can answer that, you have to ask and answer a few other questions first. So, let’s look at a few questions that will help provide all the answers you will need. 

What size storage unit do you need?

As you would expect, the size of the unit will affect the price you have to pay. Larger units cost more than smaller ones normally. If you are only storing a few boxes or other small items, you probably won’t need anything larger than a 5 X 5 unit. 

Within a 5 X 5 unit, you could fit a couple of small chairs, a small desk, a small bookcase, and some boxes. The largest size tends to be a 10 X 40 unit. Obviously, you could fit a lot more, including large items like a car or small boat (if it is an outside unit) in a unit this size. Also, you may find some storage facilities with smaller storage lockers. These lockers are quite small, about half the size of a small closet, and they are perfect if you only have a few boxes.

To determine the size of the unit, you will need to take an inventory of all the items you want to store at the moment and what you might store in the future. This way, you will know exactly what size of storage unit you will need.

At Redi Storage, we have ten different sizes of storage units ranging from the smaller 5 X 5 to a large 12 X 30. 

What type of storage unit do you need?

So, now that you know what size you require to accommodate all of your items, you need to figure out the type of unit you need. There are basically three types to choose from:

  • Standard – this unit will be fine for items that can resist moisture, dust, and temperature changes or if you are only storing the items for a short period of time, a maximum of one month.
  • Temperature control- this type of unit allows you to maintain a constant set temperature but does not protect against moisture and dust.
  • Climate control – is the overall best way to protect your valuable items. This type of unit not only protects against constant temperature changes and moisture but also vermin, as they are sealed units.

What type of storage unit you choose will determine the cost. Then, you have to determine the value of your items and what it would cost to replace them if they can be replaced. 

What amenities does the storage facility offer?

It is important to know about the storage facility itself. Are the premises secure? Does it have insurance available? Is it clean? What access will you have to your storage unit? All of these can factor into how much you could of should pay for a storage unit. 

If you are looking at storage units that don’t have any type of security, are dirty, and don’t have insurance available to the customer, it is probably going to be very cheap to rent. But do you really want to trust your valuables to a company that doesn’t guarantee the safety of your belongings? It doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get a safe and secure storage unit, far from it. At Redi Storage, you will find we have all features and amenities covered for a great price.

Which month should I rent a storage unit?

Believe it or not, this is a real question your should be asking. Rental prices in Ohio, especially Cleveland, vary with the seasons. The highest prices are in December when it can cost over $30 a month extra compared to February, which is normally the cheapest time of the year to rent a storage unit. 

How much is a storage unit?

Now that we have asked and answered some important questions to help you figure out what your storage needs are let’s look at the price ranges of storage units. 

The lowest price for a 5 X 5 storage unit in Ohio is just under $30 per month. While the most expensive is close to $100, the average is around $62. As you can see, that is a pretty wide range in pricing. A 10 X 10 unit ranges from $65 to over $200 and averages out at $125. 

What does Redi storage offer? Our 5 X 5 units starting prices are under $50 per month. We offer every amenity and convenience you can think of. We have climate-controlled units, 18 wheeler accessible, excellent security measures, and month-to-month flexible leasing. You can even access your storage unit anytime you like with our electronic key entry system. 

You could spend your time looking at other options, but why waste your time? Redi Storage is a family-run business that knows how important and precious your belongings are, and we know how to take care of them, you, and your business. For more inquiries, you can contact our self-storage facility, where you will be greeted by a friendly and helpful staff.