Self-Storage Near Me

Self-Storage Near Me

Does searching “self-storage near me” give me the best option?

There are many reasons why you may need to store some of your personal possessions. Maybe you are moving house and there is a gap between moving out of the old house and moving into the new one. Maybe you just have too much stuff, but don’t want to part with it.

Whatever the reason, self-storage could be the answer, but how do you find the best self-storage for you? Will an online search for self-storage near me give you the best option? Possibly not!

Location, location, location!

Will you need to access your self-storage often? Then choosing a location close to you would make sense, but there are many other factors to consider than just location. A search based on location alone may only fit one of those criteria, the distance from your home.

Simply choosing the closest storage to your home may leave you stuck with a storage facility that is less than ideal or even worse doesn’t offer the protection your valuable possessions require.

So, what else should you be considering when looking for storage?

Security of your self-storage unit

Location is also important here, as certain areas of some towns may be more prone to crime than others, so a little research would go a long way here. Assuming the storage facility is in a good location, you need to check the security in place. Do they have alarms and camera systems? Is there someone present on the site at all times? Do they have plans in place in case of a break-in?

What are you storing?

The type of items you are storing can make a huge difference in your choice of a self-storage facility. If you are putting family heirlooms, antiques or irreplaceable items of personal value, then definitely consider using a climate-controlled self-storage.

Items that are okay with just natural air ventilation, such as modern wooden furniture, items made of metal or other hard materials will probably be okay in standard self-storage units. If in doubt, ask the staff for their opinion.

Do you need climate-controlled storage?

As discussed above, this very much depends on what you are storing. Climate-controlled self-storage is more expensive than standard storage, so there is no point wasting that money on something that doesn’t need it.

How much space do you need?

If you need a large storage unit, the nearest self-storage unit may not have large enough facilities for your needs. Or maybe the price they are quoting is more than competitors just a few miles away? Standard self-storage can be very cost-effective, but if you need climate-controlled storage, then it’s important to calculate carefully the space you need, otherwise, you’ll be paying a lot for that unused space.

How much access do you need?

Needing easy access to your items is a compelling reason to choose self-storage that is close to your home. Maybe you are storing business files, information or products that require regular access? In this case, choosing somewhere could make sense, but don’t get hooked up on this. Just a few miles away may be the perfect storage solution.

Use review sites

Checking review sites, such as Google Places and Yelp, is a very useful way of filtering out unsuitable self-storage facilities. But before you dismiss somewhere based on a single review, take the time to read as many reviews as possible. Recurring poor reviews may indicate a place to avoid.

The reviews can also help you when you go and visit your preferred self-storage unit. If a review indicated poor customer service, for example, a personal visit may help to reassure you. Bear in mind also that some of the reviews may be quite old, and improvements may have been made, so perhaps give greater weight to the newer reviews.


Search engines are great tools for finding things you need and even reading reviews on specific self-storage facilities. In the end, there is no substitute for a personal visit, using the reviews you read as a guide to what to look out for.

Search engines are just a tool and finding the nearest self-storage unit may not be the ideal place to store your items. A little more research is required!