Climate-Controlled Storage Near Me

Climate-Controlled Storage Near Me

There are many reasons why you may need to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Maybe you are moving home and want to store items temporarily. Perhaps your business needs storage for archived files or equipment.

Whatever the reason, renting a climate-controlled storage unit near you is the most convenient option. However, for this convenience, you may need to make some compromises.

Benefits of climate-controlled storage units near you


Yes, the most obvious benefit is in the name! Storing items for long periods is not merely a case of locking them in a garage and forgetting about them. That’s the quickest way to cause your things to deteriorate while in storage.

A closed self-storage area will quickly become damp and stuffy. As the outside temperatures fluctuate, the atmosphere inside your storage area can become very humid. For items such as wooden furniture, fabrics, and documents, the humidity can be disastrous. Wood swells when stored in a humid atmosphere, and can crack in dry winter air. Fabrics will develop mold and mildew if the atmosphere is warm and humid. You may open your storage only to find the items inside have been ruined.

Yes, of course, you can regularly visit the self-storage unit, but that is time consuming and is not a permanent solution. Paying a little extra for a climate-controlled self-storage unit will pay dividends for your items’ long-term storage.

Easy Access

Finding a climate-controlled self-storage unit close to where you live gives the obvious benefit of easy access. You can check your items regularly and remove them when required for use. Being close to home, you are also more likely to keep a regular check on your stuff. This will help you catch any potential damage early and allow you to rectify any problems.

Check the storage security

The security of your personal items while in self-storage is vitally important. It would help if you were confident that the storage facility has adequate security measures in place. 

Ask the company questions about their security. They should be happy to answer and even show you around. As a bare minimum, you should find good quality fencing, quality locks on all entry points, and basic CCTV coverage.

Extra security measures, such as electronic gate access, high-security lighting, 24-hour video recording, and even a security guard, will be found at the better storage facilities.

Check the storage access

Being able to access your self-storage unit 24/7 is obviously ideal, but you may not need that amount of access. Check whether you can get to your storage unit quickly without complicated sign-in procedures. With adequate security measures and surveillance in place, you should be able to come and go as you please.

Lease terms

Climate-controlled storage units are understandably more expensive than standard units. It is vital to ensure that the lease contract is flexible, allowing you to terminate the agreement by giving reasonable notice.

Pros and cons of climate-controlled self-storage near you


  • Close by
  • Handy if you need something at short notice
  • Use a local company, with a good reputation
  • You can regularly check the condition of your stored items


  • The choice may be limited
  • A small local company may have reduced security
  • Access times may be restricted


Choosing a climate-controlled self-storage facility close to you makes sense for various reasons. It is easy to get to at short notice, and there may be a great local company you can support.

The downsides are that you may have less choice. The closest climate-controlled storage facility to you may have less security than one further away. If it’s a small local company, they may have less staff and more restricted access at times.

Of course, you may be lucky and have the perfect climate-controlled self-storage right on your doorstep. Just take the time to do a little research before deciding.


Is climate-controlled self-storage more expensive?

Yes, you will pay an extra charge for climate-controlled storage. The amount charged will vary, so try to shop around.

Is climate-controlled self-storage worth the extra cost?

Whether climate-controlled storage is worth the cost depends on your needs. If you just need extra space to store items such as outdoor furniture during the winter, it’s probably not worthwhile. If you are storing antiques, wooden furniture, fabrics, or anything affected by damp and humidity, then the extra cost could be an excellent investment.

What are the benefits of climate-controlled self-storage?

As the name suggests, climate-controlled storage units maintain a constant level of temperature and humidity. The most significant benefit of this is that you can store more delicate items that may become damaged in standard storage units.