Choosing the Right Storage Boxes for the Job

Choosing the Right Storage Boxes for the Job

A variety of storage boxes are needed when moving and storing our personal items.  However, not all storage boxes are created equal. A common issue we see is the degradation of cardboard boxes over time, especially when not stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.  These cardboard boxes should be used for their primary purpose – moving. Once you get to your storage unit you should consider moving your belongs into a more suitable long-term option – plastic bins or boxes.

Why Not Cardboard Storage Boxes?

  1. Cardboard breaks down much more quickly than plastic and is more susceptible to weather conditions, such as heat and humidity.
  2. Cardboard takes a shorter amount of time to age. If you use cardboard boxes to store items long term, don’t expect the items to remain in perfect condition.
  3. Bugs are especially attracted to cardboard boxes and their contents.

How to Properly Store Cardboard Boxes

  1. Maintain your storage area and keep your boxes off the floor if possible;
  2. Rent a climate-controlled storage unit to prolong the longevity of the box; and
  3. Rent an indoor storage unit instead of an outdoor unit, if possible.

Benefits of Using Plastic Bins

As long as they are sealed correctly, plastic boxes are not affected by moisture or water. They are also not as susceptible to breaking down when stacked. These storage options are better at dealing with the elements and are much better protected from insect or rodent infestation.

TIP: Plastic boxes come in a variety of colors. One benefit to these containers is the additional organization offered.  Store items in clear boxes with different colored lids to create an organizational system for your belongings in storage. You can use color coordinating lids with the subjects of what you are storing. 

When determining what long term storage box to use, make sure you consider the conditions of your storage area. Sometimes you can get away with cardboard boxes, and other times it’s best to stick with sealed plastic totes.  Not sure what to use, contact us at 330-468-2330 and would be happy to help!

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